Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ready to face the sun

Chinos from J.Crew, perfect half tuck shirt with the collar and cuffs popped, a flash of fire engine red lips, hair in a twist bun = Ready for brunch on the weekend after a long week 
It's been a long time!
I've spent the last few weeks struggling with a lot of things. Work. Career (not the same as work). Passion. Yoga (hands up who else felt like 3-legged dog was sprung on them out of the blue?). Gluten. Myself (Am I happy? Lost? Just hungry? Not sure? You get the drift). And have thusly regressed inwards.

Everyone goes through moments like that. Sometimes these pass quickly, sometimes they sink into your world like a gloomy funk and stay a while, a burst of sheer joy peeking through the cloud like a ray of clarity occasionally only to pass.

I don't worry about it too much, just take time to listen to, ponder on and feel the experience. It's not my favourite, but for me, a bit of time spent in my personal cave now and then allows me to reemerge with a rested spirit, clearer mind and a stronger sense of what's my next move.
Did I figure myself out this time? Sure did! Do I think there will be a next time? No question about it. So what?

That's the beauty of us. We're constantly evolving, even in our own lifetime. If only we allow ourselves to.

That's also what I love about clothes. I hesitate to say 'fashion', the word suggests a trend or a transient type of quality. But then again, maybe that's exactly what it is, ever changing, just like people. It is constantly morphing into and away from what it was just before.

So what are we doing examining Exhibit A from J.Crew? Well! Don't you think if you'd just spent a few gruelling weeks running a mental marathon that you'd be just about ready for some time in the sun, reading the newspaper, having a coffee (not on the go, because you have nothing if not hours) and strolling through the farmers' markets? Exactly. And what better way than with some citrus and some easy wash and wear denim shirt like the above? After all those weeks spent in the mental version of child's pose and dressed in as much black and thick heavy jumpers as physically possible (even in dusty Jakarta, a girl craves cable knits when she's feeling vulnerable), this is exactly what I feel like I'm ready for.

I hope you had a good month and that a better one lies ahead. xox

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Desert Island

I love beautiful summer days that make you smile the moment you open your eyes in the morning...
Just add a floppy hat, swipe on some lipstick and a breezy floral dress.. then spend the rest of the day enjoying yourself.
Hope your weekend was a gorgeous one! x

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Golden Globes need a Best Hair / Girl Crush Award


Did you watch the Golden Globes?  I only saw the opening monologue by Tina F and Amy P (in my mind, they already came to my fantasy dinner and I'm allowed to shorten their names like that because they told me so) which was HYSTELERICAL. 

That would be the lovechild of Hysterical and Hilarious. (I know what a noun is and isn't, don't worry.)

At some point though during the opening, I think the camera paused on Marion Cotillard and after that.. well, I don't know what happened after that because all I could think was she looked incredible.  And that was only a from the shoulders up shot. 

The Go Fug Yourself ladies think so too, I checked (link below and pic above).  

Mostly, I love her hair in this.  It's so refreshing and whilst she is wearing not makeup-makeup it really is perfectly done.  The dress alone, from the front was not super memorable, but with the gold heels and the tiny flash of black at the waist was just lovely.  She looks great. 

There were some really amazing dresses from the Globes but this is the person I wanted to be best girlfriends with.  Don't you?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Summer Stripes

Happy New Year! 

What better way to start things off than with a healthy dose of new clothes?  No, I did not make any "shop less" resolutions (because I don't want to!).

Everything showed up this morning, including my new Just Female striped sweater dress that I immediately whipped on.  Just in time as I wasn't really keen on rifling through my wardrobe for something to throw on for drinks at Uncle M's house in Mosman.  I think I'll just slip on some black loafers.. although my dipped ankle boots in taupe would work just as well.

I have to say, I'm one of those people who never gets sick of nautical or Breton themes.  Especially in the summertime.

(I'm wearing a striped dress from Just Female, with an ASOS belt and vintage necklace from Loewe. The pearl friendship bracelets are from Lombok.)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Everything's fine!

Why, did something happen?
haha, I know! I disappeared again! what's my excuse this time, you ask?
Ok here goes, see what you think of this one:
I moved countries and I got married.
How'd I do?  Am I off the hook?
(cue cheeky laugh)

I missed you too!  How've you been?
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thanks Postman Pat!

I hadnt picked up my post for a while... before you panic, the only mail I get is Vogue magazine.... ok, maybe do panic.
Sooooooo I came home tonight to find TWO vogue issues to cuddle with!
There's always a positive way to look at things.
(the bag is an old birthday present I got but only just started overusing it lately)